Yoggie Bears - Organic Freeze Dried Yoggie Treats - Selection of flavours


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A fantastic treat made with your pets in mind, the freeze drying process means you do not have to worry about melting drops while you are trying to bribe (I mean treat) your pets. Suitable for any animal that can have yoghurt drops and whichever flavour you pick (herbivores would obviously not be able to have the mealworm or chicken flavour) 

These have approx 70-75 bears in each packet. 


organic yoghurt, 

fruits and vegetables (and mealworms in the mealworm treats, chicken in the chicken flavour)

Yoghurt from grass-fed cows with no aspartame, no sucralose, no gelatin, no artificial colouring's, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, non-GMO verified.