• The official Spinzone Treadmill for small animals


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    The ORIGINAL Treadmill! Veterinarian Approved! 

    The Treadmill has a solid running surface, a fleece cozy (cover) and 2 options for a stand. 

      • Floor Stand:  2" Clearance in the front
      • Hanging Stand

    The hanging stand will also sit on the floor with no additional parts needed. Large 12" Treadmill: Approximate measurements are 7" tall x 12" wide (diameter) on Floor Stand,tall x 12" diameter x 16" long on the Hanging Stand

    • The Stands are Permanently attached to the treadmill. 
    • I personally do not hang my treadmills, I leave them on the floor - some glider keepers love their's hanging, which is why  I have started supplying the hanging stand as it is the best of both worlds. 


    • The treadmill is fully operational without the use of a cozy. 
    • The treadmill may "wobble" or "bounce" and is perfectly normal.  This is due to the lid manufacturing process.  It will not affect the use or durability of the treadmill.