• Sugar Glider Treat Advent Calendar - choice of two


    Fun Advent Calendars with treats for your sugar gliders. 

    Each advent calendar has 24 doors with a small treat bag behind each door

    Includes a selection of these treats (treats contents may vary)

    Yoghurt drops

    Natural Yoghurt Drops

    Blueberry Yoghurt Drops

    Honey Yoghurt Drops

    Blueberry Yoghurt Biscuits

    Honey Yoghurt Biscuits

    Vanilla Yoghurt Biscuits

    EN Sweet Potato Treats

    EN Island Blend

    Butterscotch Drops

    Yoghurt Buttons

    Dried Silkworm Pupae

    Dried Calci Worms

    Papaya Treats

    Papaya and Pineapple treats

    Diced coconut treats

    Coconut Flakes

    EN Fruit-tastic treats

    Yoghurt Ice cream shaped treat

    Yoghurt drop and papaya mix treats

    (Some treats are repeated)