• Spinzone Apollo Wheel with cage attachment


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    There is only 1 item left in stock.

    The ORIGINAL Sugar Glider Apollo Wheel!
    This wheel is slightly lighter than its brother wheel the Titan and is better for those cages that need lighter equipment.

    The mesh track allows waste and urine to fall through onto the floor of the cage. it is fused for a longer life but we cannot guarantee how long a track will last, this is fully dependent upon the user.

    The Apollo measures 12” in diameter and 9 ¼” deep with bearing assembly attached so it spins silently (any sugar glider keepers dream)

    The cage attachment is attached to the sides of the cage and offers the options of how high or low the wheel can be mounted but these must be placed vertically with the part that attaches to the wheel at the top and the two attachments below.  Side Mounts extent approximately 4" below the bottom of wheel, visible when looking at front of wheel and does limit how close the wheel can be to the cage floor.