Silent Runner 12" regular wheel


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The 12 inch size Silent Runner wheel is recommended for Sugar Gliders and female Rats. The Silent Runner wheel has an axle-free construction which eliminates the possibility of tail or body entanglement during use. The natural 'bean-shaped' openings allow for an easy entrance and exit and entice pets to enter and run against a preferred solid wall back. Duel encased ball bearings allow for a smooth, low friction, quiet, easy glide during use. 12 inch across x 3.5 inch wide track. Every wheel comes with a heavy duty (safe powder coated) metal stand that allows for a slight give when in use, protecting your pet from joint damage caused by running on a fixed surface. Approved by veterinarians, the Silent runner wheel are made to the highest standards in the industry. Silent runners can be used either free-standing or will attach directly to a wire cage with the optional hardware package.