• EN Tear Drop Bonding Pouch - with strap


    Exotic Nutrition's Teardrop Carry Pouch can hang inside the cage or clip directly onto the adjustable carry strap. Made with double-layered polar fleece material, this 2-in-1 pouch provides the perfect way to bond with your pet! Ideal for sugar gliders, squirrels, marmosets, and other nesting animals.

    • Double-layered polar fleece material
    • Pet-safe hidden seams to prevent nail snagging (please check your seams often for chewing or wear)
    • 100% machine-washable for easy cleaning
    • Screen window ensures ample air flow
    • Includes adjustable nylon strap to carry your pet with you
    • Can comfortably hold 1-3 small sized pets
    Measures: approximately 8.5 inches wide x 10 inches long
    Instructions: Hang inside the cage or attach the carry strap using included hardware. Wipe product clean with a damp cloth or machine-wash as needed. Wash on gentle cycle with cold water then air dry.