Acacia Gum


Sugar gliders feed on the sap from acacia trees in the wild. Acacia gum is a very important carbohydrate source, and gliders are able to digest about 90% of the gum. Gliders spent about half their time in the wild(43%) feeding on gum. Pure Acacia Gum is harvested from the sap of these Acacia trees, processed into a powder form and packaged to be fed as part of a balanced diet. Consider the fact that sugar gliders in the wild do not receive most of their energy from simple sugars (nectar), but rather from starch-like, complex carbohydrates, such as acacia gum and other sources. Therefore, the name "sugar glider" may be a somewhat of a misnomer, as "complex carbohydrate glider" might be more appropriate! Powder form, sprinkle on fresh fruits or mix with water to form gum, then offer in a small dish.